Erotic spa in Prague

There’s no better place to let off some steam than our erotic spa. No matter whether you’re new to the world of erotic rub-down or you’ve had your share of sensual delight of this sort – you’ll leave our premises absolutely satisfied.


In total, we offer 9 massages, each with its unique set of perks and benefits. See below for more details on each one.



Get a discount on nuru and Number one massages by visiting us between 9AM and 3PM! There’s also benefits for regular customers to be reaped – every third visit equals 20% off for our services.



There are extras to be had in addition to your regular treatment. Don’t miss out on lap dance, footjob or prostate stimulation.


When a single girl is not enough, you can order another one – o possibly a guy-girl combination. Let four hands do what two hands cannot…


If you have a tight schedule, or there are other reasons preventing you from visiting, we can arrange an escort and our staff will pay you a visit at your home or in a hotel room. All around Prague, 24/7


You won’t find a better place to escape your daily life for a dose of relaxation and erotic satisfaction. Order your massage with us today!

Our erotic spa enjoys both genders alike

Both men and women of all ages regularly find their satisfaction with us. Maybe you’ve heard that erotic massages are for men only – that is simply not true. Women can draw intense delight from them as well and our trained men staff is here to make sure they do.


The best happy ending spa with the best offer – see for yourselves

These are the options we offer, these are the options you will love:



Traditional massage therapy as you may know it, but with a happy ending!



Total rejuvenation for your tired body, total relief for your worried mind. Indian philosophy meets modern physiotherapy.



Body-to-body rub-down. Intense orgasmic states may last minutes!



Our girl can change into a strict dominatrix who demands obedience. Suitable for submissive men.



Two professionals at once will show you every massage trick that they learned… Speciality of our establishment.



Gentle and thoroughly Hawaiian. Using only hands, elbows and forearms to grant the ultimate delight.



Essential oils and aromatic perfumes deepen the relaxation you receive during this procedure.



We’ll rid you of stress and anxiety during this very gentle and soothing erotic rub-down.



After intense physical activity, your muscles need relief. And you need a happy ending.

The service provided by our happy massage spa doesn’t end there…

If you’re looking for something extra, why not enhance your massage with some of these following bonuses?


Many people are aroused by beautiful feet and dream of being sexually stimulated by them. We can do just that!



A provocative dance that may serve as a perfect prelude to your massage



The prostate is often called a “male g—spot”. Intense orgasm may be achieved by its stimulation alone!


Try our naked spa with your partner

We welcome couples to experience our massage together. Leave with a beautiful memory, newfound passion and a deeper understanding of your own sexuality. If you or your partner is not comfortable at any stage, just say the word. We know it may be difficult for some to see their other half being catered for in a sensual way. There’s no need to be jealous, however – everything will be kept within professional boundaries at every stage.


You have so much to gain from visiting our nude spa

There have been many reported benefits of undergoing this sort of erotic treatment. Just to list some of them:

  • Improved libido
  • Improved erection
  • Boosted self-confidence
  • Improved body image & acceptance
  • Muscle & joint rejuvenation
  • Relief from anxiety & stress


Keep in mind – we don’t run a direct sex spa!

All of the services we provide, however erotic in nature, don’t involve direct sexual intercourse. Please, be mindful of this fact so as to avoid any potential misunderstandings.


We have a special offer – order two hours of Nuru massage and get a free sauna or Jacuzzi with our masseuse!

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