HE massages in Prague

Have you ever secretly dreamt of trying HE massages? At our salon, we help your desires become reality – professionally, discretely, and with passion.

Stress, worries, anxiety… you may be full of it when you enter our salon. But by the time you leave, all of it will be gone! Let off some steam – we’ll help with that!

The best guides to HE massages can be found among our staff

You won’t find sexier, friendlier, more skilled and outgoing masseuses and masseurs anywhere in the city! Selected not just on the basis of their looks, but also by their personalities and prowess, you can be sure they will gently and expertly guide you through the whole process.

We know choosing between them can be daunting, so we’ve made four hands massages a thing – every massage from our offer can be given by two girls (or a girl / guy combination)! You can multiply your sensual gratification tremendously this way…


A comprehensive list of our special ending massages


A holistic rubdown to relieve any muscle soreness and pain. What sets it apart from run-of-the-mill physiotherapy is the special attention given to the erogenous zones.



Indian tradition is the fountainhead of erotic art, and tantric massage is one of many streams springing from it. Treat yourself to some of the most intense experiences on offer. Shortened lingam (penis) / yoni (vagina) treatment is also possible.



Continually popular, nuru is based on close body to body contact and characterised by the use of a special seaweed gel that makes it smooth and enjoyable.



Some may find joy in submissive practices. A technique featuring some BDSM elements for those who fancy it. Or simply for those open to experiment.



A special double rubdown by two professionals of your choosing. All that they’ve learned during their career is now at your disposal.



Originally from Hawaii, this technique became immensely popular for its relaxing properties. And we’ve spiced it with erotic invigoration make it even better!



A complex treatment of your whole body with erotic overtones. What sets this one apart is the plentiful use of rich, sweet oils and fragrances that combine into a true symphony for the senses.



Expect a gentle and caring attitude, tender caressing and cuddling, but also an intense erotic satisfaction, which will flush away all the built-up stress.



An ideal way to unwind after heavy physical activity and to grant your body some relief. And when we say body, we mean including its private parts…


We have a special offer for you – order 2 hours of tantra and you’ll get a free Jacuzzi or sauna with our girl!

Enjoy our special massages with release at your own home!

No one’s saying you need to come to us personally to receive your rightful treatment. If you’re a bit tight on time, just order an escort service and our staff will cater to you right at your own home or at a hotel room anywhere in the city. You can take advantage of our full offer in the comfort of familiar surroundings!


Do you wish for some massages with extra something on top?

You can choose any of the following extra services to go with your massage and increase your pleasure:



Everyone likes beautiful legs and feet. Some are outright obsessed with them. If you secretly dream of being stimulated in an erotic way by them, this is the perfect opportunity!



This technique isn’t talked about much and is frequently associated with gays only. This is simply not true. Stimulating the prostate gland via your anus brings about unexpected pleasure every man can enjoy.



If your wish to maximise erotic tension before the massage proper, there’s no better way than to let a hot girl provocatively dance in your lap…


Drop by during Happy Hours! Between 9AM and 3PM, a discount is waiting for you should you pick nuru or tantric treatment! Visit regularly and enjoy another discount – 20% off per three visits!

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