Age: 23
Height (cm): 167
Weight (kg): 50
Breast size: 4

Sofie is an extraordinary sensual masseuse and, to her, an erotic massage is synonymous with absolute relaxation and a new spark of life. She conceals her feminine contours beneath provocative, sometimes even transparent dresses. She’s known to teasingly play with our clients during the massages.

She started massaging by chance as she was finishing her make-up artist studies. She decided to broaden her expertise and underwent a retraining massage course.

She perfects her skill while traveling the world. Each culture and its techniques enriches Sofie in some way. Her goal is to make clients feel relaxed and happy after the massage. She likes to massage both pairs and women longing for a sensitive touch. With her help you can discover your own body and find out what makes you feel good.

Sofie is natural and spontaneous. She bombards all the clients with maximum care and attention and will thoroughly care for each part of your body. You’ll part with her born anew, of that you can be sure.

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