Tantra spa

  • Meditative
  • Relaxing
  • Mysterious
  • Extremely pleasurable & erotic
  • Offering multiple health benefits

Can you guess what we’re talking about? We invite you to our tantra spa to find out yourself! Discover the secrets of a tantric massage, given by beautiful therapists who also happen to be the some of the best professionals in their field! Well? What’s keeping you from visiting?


For thousands of years, tantric teachings and techniques were honed and perfected. Today, even you can reap their fruits. Order a tantric massage at our parlour today!

Tantra spa where you can really indulge your senses

What makes a tantric therapy so popular and sought after throughout the world? The answer to that can vary. Some would say it’s the raw erotic energy. Others would mention the gentleness and emotional connection that forms between the client and the masseuse throughout. Some will point out its physiotherapeutic properties. Others like the mystic aspect of this procedure. The thing is, none of them are wrong. Tantra has it all. Both the pleasure seekers and the spiritually minded, both those in need of relaxation and those in need of love can find their answer in tantra. Our salon is the number one place in Prague to experience it.


Come and enjoy our tantra spa in Prague

There’s no better place to receive your tantric massage than here. Our parlour is easy to find, conveniently located in the city centre and luxuriously equipped. But it’s the staff working inside that will really seal the deal for you. Beautiful, professional, friendly and outgoing, each of our masseuses and masseurs will make it worth your while. But take your pick carefully. A great deal of tantra’s success relies on the personal sympathy and connection with your therapist. Feel free to chat with them first, before you decide.


To save you some hard choosing, we can offer you a four-hand treatment! Pick two therapists instead of one! Trust us, you’ll feel the difference it makes…

What will happen once you’ve booked your visit at our Prague tantra spa?

Opting for an erotic tantric massage may seem a bit scary, but once you overcome the initial reluctance, you’ll be amply rewarded in the end. To ease your trepidation a bit, here’s a step by step guide of what to expect once you’re inside our salon and your tantric massage is about to start.

  • After the initial greeting, you may pick your masseuse from among our available staff. Why not have a little chat first with each one to find out the one you like the most?
  • Before the massage proper, you’ll be asked to take a shower. Your therapist may accompany you to it, to break the ice, so to speak.
  • Once you’re done with the shower, you’ll be led to your room, and be asked to lie on a comfortable massaging bed.
  • An important part of tantra is a correct breathing technique, which you’ll be taught at first. Don’t forget to keep it steady throughout the whole procedure.
  • The massage itself starts with light, playful and teasing strokes all over your body, which are bound to arouse you. As the whole thing progresses, the strokes will become deeper, and will focus on your vital energy points.
  • The stimulation of your intimate parts is an important part of the process, but don’t expect to be just quickly led to an orgasm – this is where the so-called “edging” comes in. You’ll be gradually led almost to the point of climax, when the masseuse will suddenly stop and then slowly start over again. It will feel frustrating and exciting at the same time and you’ll feel the erotic energy building up inside you like inside a pressure cooker!
  • When you’ll be finally allowed to climax, the intensity of orgasm will be unlike anything you’ve experienced. It’s pointless to describe it – you’ll find out yourself…


Opt for a lingam spa treatment to receive a condensed tantra

Of course, some people would always rather cut to the chase. It’s not up to us to argue with that, but rather to offer a solution. And we happen to have just that! It’s called the lingam massage. Lingam is a Sanskrit word with many meanings, but in this particular context, it refers to the penis. A lingam procedure is exactly that – a tantric-like rubdown, which focuses on pleasuring the penis above all else. The resulting erotic pleasure is no different from a standard tantra, and though it may be lacking its wholesomeness, it’s nevertheless a decent substitute for it. An ideal choice for those who are too busy to indulge in the whole thing.


Same erotic power in a much shorter time – lingam may prove an ideal option if your time schedule is a bit too packed! Come on in and try it yourself!


Add something extra to either your tantric or lingam spa experience!

There’s always a room for improvement in everything. Including our massages. If you wish for something extra to accompany them, then choose one of the following supplementary services:

  • Footjob
  • Lap dance
  • Prostate stimulation


Can’t make it to our salon? Massage of lingam or a tantric rubdown can be easily ordered to your home

We run a 24/7 escort service aimed at those who can’t make a direct visit to our parlour. You can choose to book an escort to your home, office or a hotel room. Easy to order via a phone or an email, a full range of our services is at your disposal this way!


Have you heard of our happy hours scheme? Every day between 9AM and 3PM, you can receive a discount on selected massages – tantra being one of them! Don’t miss this chance!

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