Age: 20
Height (cm): 168
Weight (kg): 49
Breast size: 2

Alex moved to Prague two years ago from Southern Bohemia. Thanks to her attractive looks and perfect breasts she is often asked to model for foreign photographers and art students.

She is young and petite, but she can definitely show you who’s the boss. Her dominant side comes up very often and you could experience it in your erotic massage for yourself.

She enjoys extravagant and expensive clothing, tight skirts and high-quality massage gels. The more slippery, the better.  She has prepared special massage techniques for her clients, which will leave you feeling hot all over.

Alex has many faces and hidden talents. You will definitely enjoy her roleplay massages. She can be a tough policewoman, a student with a mini-skirt or even a teacher with garters and stockings.

Leave yourself in the hands of Alex and all of your wildest dreams can become a reality.

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