Age: 24
Height (cm): 168
Weight (kg): 50
Breast size: 3

You’re in the best hands with Mia. Her presence will instantly make your bad mood or hard day at work fade away. She absolutely loves fast cars, leather clothes and horse racing.

She has beautiful curly hair and a piercing gaze, which she uses to see through you and figure out all of your fantasies. She is not shy about showing her ruthless domination tendencies.

Or is it not humiliation that you crave? Mia will tie you up and you won’t be able to escape her touches. If you choose to play the hard game of femdom, you will certainly have to play by her rules. Until the very end.

Animalistic and untamed – Mia is amongst our favorite masseuses and her clients regularly come back to her. She can turn every classic erotic massage into a remarkable experience, thanks to her clever hands.

Her specialty is intense and stimulating massage using her breasts. Imagine this beautiful masseuse bow above you… Sweet smelling, sensual, covered in a thin layer of essential oil. Mia will make this one of the most erotic experiences of your life.

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