Age: 20
Height (cm): 162
Weight (kg): 47
Breast size: 2

Exotic Dina discovered the magic of erotic massages fairly recently, but with her everyday practice and undeniable charisma, she has no problems finding new clients to satisfy.

Dina is a petite girl with small and swift fingers. She firstly discovered the art of massage at John Academy in the UK, where she was able to try different techniques on her female classmates. From there it could only naturally lead to trying erotic massages on each other and the girls definitely got creative.

Dina will amaze you with a four-handed erotic massage, alongside her colleague and they will savor every moment.

In her free time she attends cosplay events, where she dresses up as famous anime characters. She is also exploring this interest in our massage studio.  Have you ever had thoughts of an innocent student in a plaid mini-skirt? You are free to explore your imagination with roleplay. Dina will become your shameless student or even a strict teacher.  All you have to do is ask her.

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