Age: 21
Height (cm): 174
Weight (kg): 52
Breast size: 3

Nicol is not afraid to call things by their names. However, her innocent appearance might be deceiving. Even she becomes wild while performing a classic massage. She fully indulges in massages and let’s you feel her joy from the physical human contact.

She is regularly working on her figure and shape by practicing pilates. The results of this exercise are visible on her perfect and firm body. She is flexible and clients thoroughly enjoy her energic erotic massages.

She is now planning to apply for a course of aromatherapy at ITM Hand International Training Massage School in Berlin, so she can perfect herself in using essential oils and maximize their health benefits for the clients.

Sometimes, while massaging, she puts on a mask and with a swift hit of a whip punishes the aroused bodies of her clients. Would you like to be one of them?

You never know what to expect with Nicol. She is full of surprises and determination to use everything she can to ensure you are aroused to the maximum.

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