Age: 21
Height (cm): 167
Weight (kg): 48
Breast size: 2

Seductive Martina always makes sure to make the pleasure of the whole massage as intensive as she can. She is not afraid of the unknown and you don’t have anything to be afraid of either.

Her weak spot are shy and coy men, so if you are this type of a rare man, you shouldn’t waste a minute hesitating.

She works as a model for glamour and fashion photography in Prague. She enjoys bold makeup and Italian fashion.

Martina takes the best care of her clients and makes even ice kings melt with her hot touch. She sees her potential in Tantric massages for couples, which according to her, improve both relationship of the partners, but also the sexual life of them as individuals. Would you like to please your partner and let her enjoy an erotic massage in a renowned salon? Then Martina is you best choice. Her sexy corset and garters are guaranteed to make you enjoy this experience as well.

Of course, she also provides high-quality and pleasant massages for men.

Martina finds pleasure in massaging, which shows in her approach and adds to the satisfaction of her clients.

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