Types of Erotic Massages

In our welcoming and inviting parlour, you can experience a piece of heaven embodied in a single touch of our skilled masseuses and masseurs and discover various types of erotic massages. For more than a millennium, massages have been bringing the release of accumulated stresses in the body. In this respect, erotic massages represent the culmination of this art. Erotic massages stem from traditional massages and include a delightful combination of erotic moves and massage techniques. Just concentrate on your body and breathing, leave the surrounding world out of your mind, relax and listen to pleasant and soothing music, and then feel the light and seductive touches of masseuses and masseurs. You can choose an erotic massage according to your company, taste or mood. It is very nice to be pampered by someone who does not ask for anything in return.

The individual massage sessions can be ‘tailor-made’ for each person – men, women, and also couples.

Nuru Massage

Nuru erotic massages are especially favoured by fans of body-to-body massages as masseuses or masseurs engage their entire body in the massage. Your body will experience a heady feeling of full touch, enhanced by a special Nuru gel that further increases your pleasure and enjoyment. This massage will re-charge you with a strong erotic energy.


Tantra Massage

Tantric massage may be not only an expression of endless love but also exotic caressing and petting of your erotogenic zones with excellent healing effects. Tantric massages have a stimulating effect and usually consist of several consecutive phases: a joint bath followed by a standing massage that passes into oil-less massage to increase your sensitivity through the use of feathers, towels, and fur. The procedure culminates with a classic oil massage, when the client may even reach an orgasm. Try to understand your sexuality through this inspiring experience inherited from ancient masters.


Femdom / Roleplay Massage

Let us help you to discover and explore your sexual desires and fantasies with our roleplay massages. It is so simple: just reveal us your most secret dreams and longings, and our beautiful and talented masseuses and masseurs will help you experience them. Are you dreaming about a massage provided by a dominant/submissive mistress, teacher or student? But let us know in advance so that we can prepare ourselves to fulfil your dream in the greatest details.


Four Hands Massage Number One

Four Hands Massage will bring you a great relief because your body will be caressed by hands of not one but two talented masseuses or masseurs. Touches can concentrate on a particular place, or your body can be literally covered with a warm blanket of sensual caresses. This deeply restorative massage usually focuses on the area of lower back, pelvis, hips and even genitals. Coordinated movements and pressures of four hands as well as elements derived from various types of massages – Chinese, Thai, Ayurvedic, and traditional massage, offer an exclusive and unique feeling of complete body relaxation that suppresses any stress and supports vascular and nervous systems. Most of all, however, it brings an unforgettable pleasure and peace of mind.


Escort Massage

And if you are shy or cautious, but still want to experience an invigorating erotic massage in the intimate and familiar environment, you can order our escort erotic massages to your home or hotel room. The escort erotic massage services provided by our experienced masseuses or masseurs can be ordered not only to any place in Prague but also in its close vicinity. Let us relieve your stress, and restore spiritual, masculine and erotic power.