Age: 19
Height (cm): 169
Weight (kg): 49
Breast size: 3

Naomi is a very talented masseuse, who enjoys tattoos and dark colors. Will you be able to count all of her tattoos while enjoying your erotic massage?

She used to attend massage courses remotely, but soon realized that the art of massage is in the details and practical experience. She will make all of your tension and stress melt away with her soft touches. She prefers a technique of “body on body”, where she has a physical contact with the client. This is essential for total relaxation and has a soothing and arousing effect.

Naomi enjoys Tantric massage of the penis (lingam), which she can do as intensely as not many other masseuses in Prague. During massages in an intimate environment, she is able to sensually and alluringly awake your senses. Discover a new dimension of arousal and pleasure.

Naomi is a voluptuous brunette and is open to all kinds of massages. She’s young, creative and adaptable. Can you imagine, how she takes care of your tense body now?

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