Age: 20
Height (cm): 168
Weight (kg): 50
Breast size: 2

Our long-haired masseuse Isabella is a professional in finding hidden submissive tendencies in people. If you obey her, she will reward you by releasing your back and neck pain. But if you disobey, she won’t be so kind anymore.

Isabella is enthusiastic about exploring the male body, she wants to understand its needs and desires. And then, of course, wants to use that knowledge to her advantage. You will see her shiny dark hair whenever you close your eyes for a long time after this experience. And what about the enticing smell of her body, when she accidentally touches your chest with her nipple!

She can offer you the provocative Japanese Nuru massage, four-handed or even classic erotic massages (including a prostate massage), all of which will spice up your whole life. All shame and inhibitions will disappear thanks to her amazing skills. Once she gently puts oil on your body and starts to touch you in all the right places, you will definitely want the massage to never end.

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