Age: 23
Height (cm): 170
Weight (kg): 50
Breast size: 4

Olivia has a beautiful skin, which glows even in its most secret meanders after being oiled.

Teasing and massaging – those are the lethal tools that Olivia can utilize at our saloon unbridled.

She’s precise. She’s not afraid to push harder when needed while being gentle elsewhere.

Erotic massages is what she occupies herself with in her spare time. She deepens her knowledge and skill by attending courses all over the Czech Republic and Europe (mostly Germany and the UK), while looking for her own techniques and approaches that she could apply in practice. At the moment, she’s deeply interested in partner massages, their positive impact on relationships and the ways in which couples could make their sex life more interesting.

Olivia has an incredible charisma that will disarm you at the first contact with her – in the shower. She’s slim and flexible, her nape being adorned with long blonde hair.

She likes to wear high heels (the so-called stilettos) and disregards all taboos in her own intimate life.

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