Age: 25
Height (cm): 170
Weight (kg): 50
Breast size: 2

Lovely blonde Helena thinks her every touch through, so she can completely amaze you with her Nuru massage. She will press against you naked and steal your most hidden wishes. And without any rush, she will make them all come true. The smooth and delicate curves of her body will rub you on the most unexpected places. You’re about to experience the most ecstatic feelings of your life…

Helena loves fast motorcycles and leather clothes. She used to be in a managerial position, but at one point in her life she felt like she needed a fresh start. The massage course gave her a feeling of calmness and satisfaction. She enjoys erotic massages, because thanks to them she is able to combine sensual touches and relaxing properties of a massage. She stimulates clients by using her body, which you won’t be able to subdue even if you tried.

She is also committed to making Tantra massages amazing and she turns into a considerate and understanding guide through a never-ending sexual awareness and arousal.

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