number one massageOur Four Hands Massage called "Massage Number One" is an opportunity to experience the range of sensations, that were previously inaccessible. Not surprisingly, the true lovers of this massage called it the "royal" one, and regularly turn to professionals to pass again through the crucible of pleasure and heal their body.

This massage technique was developed by the ancient oriental masters. It involves working with a large area of the body: lower back, pelvis, hips. But the basic manipulations occur in the buttocks and genital area. Movement of hands can be synchronous or nonsynchronous, and each of the methods has its own advantages, so it is best to experience the two techniques.
Our beautiful masseuses working in four hands simultaneously act on sensitive areas. At the same time the brain produces maximum dosage of endorphins, that have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole.

But that's not all. Erotic four-handed massage can achieve the withdrawal of symptoms of osteoarthritis, eliminate of edema and spasms, increase the physical tone, accelerate blood circulation, normalize the of blood pressure, remove the excessive fluid and toxins.

We should not forget about the erotic enjoyment experienced by the customer who ordered the this massage. Given that the 21st century is recognized as the century of stress and tension hidden, orgasm allows to achieve not only physical but also emotional relaxation. Moreover, the recognition of the vast majority of customers for a long time, they are charged with energy and desire So that this kind of massage is recommended for men who suffer from sexual dysfunction. By the way, for a strong half, we have available a sensual massage of lingam. Nonetheless, this type of massage is recommended even for the women and young ladies to unveil and unblock their sexuality and get to know their hidden desires.

Four Hands Massage - Key features

Massage Number One allows to work out all parts of the body thoroughly. And all this is performed simultaneously. For example, it is possible to massage once both halves of the back with proper exposure, rather than individually. Do not miss virtually any area of the body. This study allows you to remove fatigue, get rid of the atony of muscles, increase blood flow. In addition, during a massage two girls covered in muscle, vascular and nervous systems, as well as an influence on the joints, tendons and ligaments. And the coverage is right in many systems. There is a therapy for many diseases at once above systems and organs. These include swelling, headaches, osteochondritis, and more. But most important thing is, that it brings an unforgettable pleasure and peace.

Massage Number one usually includes different types of massage techniques: classical, Chinese, Thai, Ayurvedic and other. A wide variety of techniques and combinations thereof allow us to make every massage exclusive and unique. For each can be found individually. The main thing is, that a masseuse wholly owns the massage techniques and can do everything smoothly. Then the effect will be just luxurious, but the entire session maximally productive.

Unfortunately, there is an erroneous opinion that massage 4 hands, our as we call it Massage Number one is a variant of the purely intimate and erotic massage. This is not quite true. This massage allows two masseuses to cover all areas possible of the body and provide them with a proper exposure. It is a magical ritual, which relaxes and brings harmony of body and soul.

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