Age: 26
Height (cm): 180
Weight (kg): 79

Mario doesn't know the word no. His touches and grip are hard, and yet surprisingly gentle.

He is able to drive his customers crazy with his original techniques, in which he combines acupressure with gentle touches of the most intimate erogenous zones of your body.

Are you interested in spicing up your sexual life? Mario will be your guide through all the dark alleys of pleasure. His erotic massage will absolutely blow your mind and leave you speechless. He can take his clothes off in the shower and give you all of his attention completely naked, if that’s your wish. He will stretch every muscle in your body and help you get totally relaxed with his touches.

But there’s more to Mario than massages. He loves to push his limits at the gym and get his already toned body even better. He also helps rookies with their training.

And if you don’t feel like leaving the hotel? All you have to do is call and order an escort massage! „If the mountain will not come to Mohammed, Mario must go to the mountain...”

He will listen to everything that excites and pleases you, and completely adapt the massage to your needs. His favorite part of the female body to massage is the bottom and all of its mysterious creases.

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