Věk: 24
Výška (cm): 167
Váha (kg): 50
Vel. prsou: 2

Nika loves luxury lingerie, specially tailored for her needs. She enjoys nudist beaches, early wine and the smell of sea. Her dream is to buy a small house in the Mediterranean one day, her kingdom where she can be nude the whole day without taunting someone with her nudity.

She focuses mainly on the erogenous zones in her massage practice. She will map out all of your sensitive spots and arouse you with her soft and provocative touches. She enjoys massaging both men and women, she loves looking for the interesting differences in how they react to stimulation of specific erogenous zones. She likes to play for a long time, and sometimes, she doesn’t know when to stop.

Her strong suit besides playfulness is also domination, which makes her a very popular masseuse. All you have to do is call - Nika’s erotic massage will get your blood pumping and her swift hands will melt away all of your stress.

Who wouldn’t like to see the perfectly fitting lingerie, that Nika takes off during her massages, closely?

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