Erotic Massage for Couples

erotic massage for couplesOur massage parlor in Prague provides also erotic massages for couples. Massage is performed by two masters at the same time for both guests in the same room.
The advantage of a pair of erotic massage is that you not only enjoy yourselves but also see how to enjoy your favorite people. This double effect gives a much more relaxing than the usual erotic massage.

In our salon we offer Thai massage for couples, performed by two charming girls. During the session, you forget about everything, you will only enjoy their couple and bask in the sensitive hands of masseuses.

Erotic massage for couples – it is an opportunity to learn about each other something new. Very often the couple, watching the actions of a professional, finding new erogenous zones, new ways to impact, opening up new options for sexual games. And it is wonderful. Massage for couples often works better than a session with a psychologist. It allows you to start a sex life with a clean slate.

Family – is a joy, but over the years there is such a thing as life. And this way of life leads to the fact that free time to spend apart, people forget what it is – a vacation together. Massage for couples in Prague, a city where business life absorbs all the free time – this is the opportunity of a joint holiday with complete relaxation.
Young lovers, sexual partnership which has just begun, couples massage helps to get to know each other. As well as a shared experience liberate and eliminate the possible reticence due to tightness. And further, when their relationship will come to a new level, they will always know that there is a massage for couples, which will refresh the senses.
Someone might argue that the erotic massage couples do at home stuck to each other. This is an excellent option, but in this case there is always someone receives, and someone gives. And if the massage professionals do both at the same time love, they both enjoy, both relaxed.

And yet, the desire for sex partners to visit a massage for couples – a measure of trust existing between them. After all, they have to choose together the masters, who will carry them massage, and together go through their delicate, exciting, stimulating touch.

Those who have already tried once erotic massage for couples leave only the most positive comments. Moreover, this experience comes to mind for a long time, and memories make the sex life partners richer and more interesting.

If you still hesitate to visit the erotic massage parlor together, discard your doubts. Today, nobody cares about what the couple prefers in massage, for Prague is a modern city, with no place for excessive puritanism. Even more, after the session you will be envied for your shiny gaze and dreamy blissful smile.

Erotic massage for couples – how everything takes place?

Option of two events:
1. 60 minutes program. It all starts with the classical massage for two. This part of the program allows guests (whether young lovers or held the couple) to relax and be liberated. Sure, but the soft movements of the arms of our masters will relax every muscle in your body, and with stress and anxiety disappear. When your body is finally relaxed, an erotic part of the program begins. Then again, we have two options: erotic program comes to a complete relaxation of both partners, or in the middle of the process, at a predetermined signal, leaving a couple of massage master, leaving them alone for the rest of the time.

2. 120 minutes program. It differs from the previous embodiment in that the disposal of couples for an hour gets VIP room and, as a gift from the restaurant, a bottle of champagne. In this room, to the service of our guests, there is a hot tub and a sauna. Dispose of this time, the pair may in its sole discretion. As an example, our guests may spend 30 minutes in the pool, drinking champagne, then the classic erotic massage for couples begins. After there is erotic part of the program, in the middle of which, at a predetermined signal, the masseuses leave the guests, leaving them alone to indulge in passion. And after all, the guests can spend the remaining time in the sauna, exchanging impressions!

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