You can’t call yourself a true connoisseur until you’ve tried a nuru massage. This Asian technique, featuring a close, intimate contact between yours and your therapist’s body, became tremendously popular, first in Japan, then in the whole world. Now you can try it in Prague as well. And our full body massage parlour is exactly the right place to do it.

  • Incredibly sexy technique of oriental origins
  • Slippery seaweed gel to make the mutual contact go as smooth as possible
  • Delivered by sexy, friendly and skilled professionals
  • Can help various sexual dysfunctions
  • Various bonus treatments to accompany it

Until you’ve tried this superb Asian treat, you can’t say you’ve tasted pleasure! Exciting, relaxing, relieving, therapeutic, all wrapped in one! Come try it right away!

Our Nuru massage, explained in simple terms

While rubdowns featuring erotic stimulations have been available in red light districts of Japanese cities since time immemorial, this one has been devised relatively recently, in the latter half of the 20th century. The idea of using a gel made out of seaweed instead of oil to deliver a wonderful, body to body massage proved fruitful – and thus the nuru was born.

This technique is famous for its “body to body” nature. While no direct sexual contact is initiated during this time, the sensation is as close to sex as on can get. And, according to some, it is even better!

It’s not all just two bodies rubbing against each other, though. This procedure has genuinely therapeutic qualities, and there is plenty of traditional massaging going on as well. So yes, your tired, aching muscles will get their due as well.

Part of the brilliancy that is nuru is, of course, the so-called “happy ending”. This is achieved mostly by hand stimulation or by the the touching of your penis by various parts of the masseuse’s body. The intensity of orgasm achieved in this way is truly remarkable…


Body to body massage, delivered by some of the best in this field

If you really want to do this, then there’s no one better to introduce you to the mystery of nuru than our therapists. Each of our girls is, beside their obvious physical allure, also a professional to boot. They have studied their craft extensively, with many hundreds, sometimes thousands of hours of practice in this and other erotic massages.

Despite that, they’re as humble, friendly and outgoing as can be. Just simple, down to earth girls who are eager to show you what they can do.

Don’t be shy and entrust yourself into the care of one of them. Or even two of them at the same time – that’s right, we offer you a unique opportunity to experience a body2body massage by two of our girls at once. This four hand treatment is definitely something you should give a go!

Two is twice as much as one, that’s obvious. But a massage by two girls equals more than double the pleasure. To understand this riddle, you should order a four hand treatment right away!

Choosing a massage like body to body is a brilliant move. While you’re at it, you should look into our bonus services as well!

Since you’ve considered this procedure, why not take it a step further and opt for one of our bonus services as well? These are your choices:

  • Footjob. A number one choice for all the foot enthusiasts. Our girls can indeed boast some really beautiful feet. And they are not afraid to use them for your own pleasure. You can choose either completely naked feet, feet in light stockings or even feet clad in special massaging boots. Either way, you can be sure that our therapists know how to put their feet to good use – and we don’t mean taking regular walks! You can figure out the rest…
  • Prostate massage. Sometimes referred to as the male “G spot”, the prostate is an organ which is often overlooked in erotic play. No wonder – to reach it, the girl has to insert her finger into your anal orifice, which is something many men are reluctant to let happen. Those who overcome this initial reluctance are, however, amply rewarded. The pleasure from stimulating this organ alone can result in intensive orgasmic states, without the girl even having to touch your penis.
  • Erotic lap dance. The list wouldn’t be complete without the lap dance. You might have seen it in the movies, but nothing beats experiencing it in real life yourselves. It could serve as the perfect prelude to your massage. This seductive dance will increase your arousal and set the mood for the things to come.

Whether you’re getting your “body to body” in Prague for the first time or are an experienced pleasure seeker, a wisely chosen bonus service can give your massage an unexpected twist! Try ordering one!


No place to get a slippery massage like our salon

We encourage you to experience each of our massages at the place built specifically for this purpose. We’re talking of course about our parlour. Its interior is indeed something to behold, with rich decorations and clean, comfortable rooms which could serve as a perfect nest for your erotic adventures. It is clean, cosy, private… what more could you ask for? Come and visit us here and we’ll make it more than worth your while!


Body massage near you – 24 hours a day at your disposal

In fact, not just near you, but precisely where you are! You can enjoy our escort feature to the full. We know that there may be many little mishaps which could prevent you from paying us a direct visit. Or you might simply find our place to be it too far for your inconvenience. Perhaps you fear you might be seen by someone who know – although that is highly improbable. Whatever your reasoning, we have a solution for you!

Order an escort service and you don’t have to go anywhere. Instead, our girl will visit you, bringing with her everything needed for the massage. If you’d prefer this option, then you can simply contact us by phone, email or an online chat feature on our website.


You will have to provide the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your address, or the address of the place you wish to be massaged in. It could be your home, a hotel room or basically any place meeting the criteria of being inside Prague and providing enough comfort, space and privacy to accommodate an erotic massage taking place. There should be a working shower as well – especially so in the case of a nuru massage!
  • Your preferred type of massage – nuru in this case, but you could always change your mind and opt for a rubdown of a different type.
  • The masseuse of your choice – browse our web gallery to pick one you like the most.
  • Whether there are any optional extra services you’d like to experience together with your massage.
  • The time when you’d like to be visited

And remember, you can choose two masseuses at once – the same as our salon.

Our escort service is available nonstop. Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, we have a solution for everyone. Order any time you wish, and we’ll be there!


Some final words of advice before you indulge in your body slide massage

  • Please don’t come in under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Coming in drunk will only take away from pleasure, not enhance it.
  • Don’t overeat before. Massaging on a full stomach is not a good idea.
  • Make sure you have enough free time before and after the treatment. If you rush straight to work from it, you will not enjoy it as much as you could.
  • Never ask for direct, or even oral sex from our girls. You won’t get it.
  • Please bring cash. Czech crowns or Euros will do. We do not accept cards.

Make sure to come again! For your every 3rd visit, you will get a hefty 20% discount!

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