nuru massage pragueFor the true connoisseurs of the full-body approach, we have included a combination of several Asian relaxation massage techniques, the so-called “nuru massage prague”, in our massage parlour. Even though the nuru massage originally comes from Japan, it has rapidly spread all over the world - especially for its sensuality, pleasure and enjoyment the massage provides not only for our body but also the soul. It offers unusual experiences bordering on healthy eroticism. Gradually, its fame has spread not only to Asia but also to Canada, the United States, but also to Europe. And our masseuses and masseurs belong with their knowledge and experience among the best in Central Europe. Our clients love this type of massage because it is the so-called body-to-body massage when the masseuse or masseurs use their entire bodies to stimulate the client. This unique relaxing and invigorating experience is also the reason why our clients are always returning to relax their bodies in our parlour after a tiring day and to stimulate their souls.

The name of this massage technique – “nuru”, comes from the Far East Japan, and means “slippery” and “smooth”. And this name very accurately describes the very essence of this erotic massage procedure. In the case of the body to body massage prague, it is a combination of sensual, erotic moves and real massage techniques and practices based on the ancient art of massages delivered by generations of masseurs and masseuses in Japan.

To enhance pleasant feelings, an odourless and tasteless massage lotion – Nuru gel, is applied, which is made from seaweed Nori leaves. This gel facilitates, boosts and enhances the pleasure and enjoyment of the complete relaxation of the client’s body and soul. The special Nuru gel acts as a perfect lubricant, glides smoothly on the moist skin without an oily or greasy film. The skin will be silky smooth after application of the nourishing Nuru gel, and extremely comfortable to touch.

Nuru massage prague - several steps to heaven

This type of prague body to body massage can be taken in several stages. First, it is recommended to take a bath or shower together – the client and the masseuse. The warm running water washes away the all-day stress, relaxes the muscles, and prepares the body for the massage experience. The warmed skin also better absorbs the Nuru gel, which penetrates deep into the body and has the strength to enhance the enjoyment taken from the coming massage. And now it comes: the masseuse gently rubs the Nuru gel into the entire client’s body with gentle and invigorating movements of her hands and later on her entire body. The primary goal of this massage technique is to obtain the widest possible physical contact between the client and the masseuse; that’s way the procedure belongs to the so-called body-to-body massages where not only the client’s but also the masseuse’s whole body is treated with Nuru gel.
In the course of the prague nuru massage, the masseuse focuses on the entire body of the client, especially on his erotogenic zones, because the aim is to relieve the accumulated stress and provide a powerful charge of the client’s sexual energy. Masseuse with ingenious and very sensual movements literally slides over the client’s body and, thus, strong tactile sensations are triggered. The whole body to body massage in prague is designed to relieve stress and enlighten the soul. Our Nuru massages provide a very intense erotic experience, and it is therefore quite common that an orgasm may occur either during or at the end of the massage.

Let yourself be spoiled by our experienced and beautiful masseuses and, just for a moment, let’s set out for a journey into the landscape of your secret erotic desires. Let us bring you with our nuru massage in prague to the far and mysterious Japan. The Japanese are known to be experiencing a very high age, and perhaps their relaxing and invigorating massages may play a part in this process. After a nuru massage you will definitely feel fresh and relaxed.

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