tantra-massageTantric massages are one of the oldest relaxing and invigorating massage techniques in the world, and our “tantra massage prague” gives the client a new and very profound experience enhanced by the incredible intimacy of the touch of experienced masseuses. Tantric massages may have many forms, and it is said that they not only bring about the physical relaxation of the body and stimulation of all senses but even have the ability to release spiritual and mystical erotic and sensual energy. The magic and the mystery of tantric massages in prague lies in the combination of spirituality, mystical experience and sensuality of erotic massage techniques.

In some cases, tantric massages have even therapeutic and healing effects. Their significance lies in the sense of an intense physical proximity and intimacy. If you relax and let you surrender to the hands of our beautiful masseuses, gradually the muscles in your body will loosen which improves the blood circulation and promotes the lymphatic system. The tantric massages may help men with erectile dysfunction problems or, on the other hand, with premature ejaculation. In the case of women, the massages can contribute to relieving pain during sexual intercourse due to lack of arousal or can even help with infertility treatment. Ultimately, tantric massages can also contribute to improve the client’s mental state - help him/her with irritation, depressions, etc.

Would not it be nice to become a mere “receiver” for a while, just to be pampered by someone who will only be dedicated to you and your needs without requiring anything for herself? In the course of the massage, the receiver and the giver (the masseuse) exchange energy flows for the massage is primarily a beautiful and sacred act. Tantric massages provide an overall enjoyment when the client discovers and accepts a new dimension of his sexuality - it is very similar to self-healing properties of the human body.

Tantra massage prague - relaxation in an atmosphere of trust

Tantric massages are based on the knowledge and experience of the ancient Indians that the mutual combination of male and female sexual energy contributes to the perfect relaxation of the human body as a whole. It releases the blocked erotic energy and your entire body experiences the influx of new life force. During the tantra massage in prague, as a rule, various requisites and massage techniques are used to achieve a complete relaxation:

  • warming the body with hot towels whose heat relaxes the muscles and takes the mind away from the problems of the day;
  • massage techniques using aromatic essential or aromatherapy oils of your choice that stimulate the senses and awaken your sexual and sensual energy;
  • soft and yet firm touches of the hands of a masseuse, alternating with soft feathers, satin-soft strokes of cloth or furs, etc.
  • specialised massage techniques concentrating on erotogenic zones of the human body such as chest, feet, abdomen, crotch or even prostate gland.

This sensual dance of touches and caressing usually leads to the clients’ orgasm whether during or at the end of the massage. Although the tantric massages are based on the erotic teachings of the Far East and the mysterious India, when you visit our massage parlour, you will find that tantra massage czech republic represents a path to the absolute relaxation of the body, release of accumulated sexual power and, above all, to an overall understanding of new erotogenic zones on your body.

Indulge in a very sensual prague tantra massage and discover yourself why this massage art has spread all over the world. Stop for a moment to regain your life force. Let yourself be pampered and spoiled, and allow yourself to experience the electrifying excitement. And the result? You will relieve not only the accumulated tension and stress but at the same time, and you will be able to relax and gain strength for the next few days.

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