Tantra massage in Prague



You’re missing out if you didn’t yet taste the pleasure only tantra massage can provide. The positive energy you can draw from this unique procedure stays with you long after.


Before ordering our tantra massage, here’s a quick introduction

Tantra counts among holistic erotic massages, meaning it caters to the body as a whole. It combines a range of physiotherapeutic techniques of both European and exotic origin. Furthermore, it draws from the findings of modern psychology – its goal is to provide a consistent care to both body and mind. Throughout it, your pleasure is first roused and then delayed in a most refined manner, before being let out in a final, orgasmic ecstasy, which may last minutes! The gentle approach by which this is achieved also helps to create an impression of being unconditionally cared for by another human being. This may have a tremendously positive impact on your psyche.


Your guides to an exotic massage – tantra professionals with great beauty and skill

You won’t be able to find more qualified companions on your way to sensual delight. Physical beauty is just one aspect by which we select the personnel of our tantra salon in Prague. And it would mean very little if a nasty and disagreeable personality were hiding beneath it. That’s simply not the case with our boys and girls. Their helpfulness, friendliness, willingness, understanding and a sense of humour will disarm you in the same way their appearance will. Throw in some true skill and a love of their craft and you’re in for some hard choosing. Thankfully, two at once may care for you via a four hands massage!

The pleasure resulting from being catered for by two attractive Czech tantra professionals is simply unmatched!

Before your ritual massage with tantric flavour, take a warm shower!

The flow of warm water will perfectly relax you before the following procedure. You may enter the shower together with your masseuse to bridge the initial uncertainty. The interior of our salon is comfortably equipped – the lighting, decorations and aromatic candle scent will help you get rid of uncertainty and give in both to the suggestive atmosphere and to whatever may follow…


Only at our tantra salon will you be catered for like this

After the shower, you’ll find yourself lying on a comfortable massaging bed and the masseuse will slowly start to gently stroke you – not only with her fingers, she may also employ multiple exotic props, such as ostrich feathers or smooth furs. You’ll feel your arousal building up, yet it’s still far from over.


The smoothest tantra in Czech Republic that you’ll wish would never end…

As the massage progresses, not an inch of your body will be left out, erogenous zones included. You may even reach a trance-like state. The accumulated desires will finally culminate in an intense, ecstatic orgasm that may last for minutes! Though it will all come to an end eventually, the feeling of absolute relaxation and a newly regained happiness will stay with you long after…


A solution for the busy

By ordering tantra massage in Prague as an escort service, you may skip the trip to our tantra club and let yourself be pampered at your ow home or at a hotel room. This service is possible all around Prague! Select your masseuse and a preferred time you want her to visit and then just wait!


Special offer – order two hours of tantra and you’ll get a free Jacuzzi or sauna with our masseuse! Don’t miss out!

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